Denny X Florsheim Giveaway.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

LOCATION: E.Tittlemouse and Co.

This month, Florsheim shoes ( a favorite of mine since childhood ) and I teamed up for a giveaway for all of you guys! See below for rules and instructions!

$150 Gift Card Giveaway!

Denny X Florsheim shoes giveaway!
Enter and win $150 gift card!
1.) Repost this picture.
2.) Tag @florsheimshoes and @denny623 
3.) Use #dennyxflorsheim

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Topman Polka Dot Shirt. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $5.00. GET IT HERE.
  • Vintage 50s Tie. Estate Sale. $3.00.
  • Express Seersucker Suit. Buffalo Exchange. $40.00. GET IT HERE.
  • Florsheim Wingtips. Florsheim. GET IT HERE.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Vintage Red Bandana. Another Man's Treasure. $10.00.
  • 21 Men Blazer. 21 Men. $50.00. GET IT HERE. 
  • Uniqlo Striped Shirt. UNIQLO. $20.00. GET IT HERE.
  • H&M Jeans. H&M. $40.00.
  • Florsheim Wingtips. Florsheim. GET IT HERE.


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