Denny x Mifland Leather Goods.

Shot by Anthony Willis.


Whether it be for leisure, business, or an international journey. Transporting your personals from one destination to the next has never been more exciting. Our minimalist design concept and use of premium materials provides for an interesting combination that's suitable for any environment. Since our beginnings we've crafted pieces that are both traditional and sophisticated. The fine detailing matched with a sense of ruggedness tells a story of our inspiration, a time when travel accessories were made to function against the elements and age well with time.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Vintage Stetson Hat. Stetson. $30.00.
  • Profound Co. Windbreaker. PROFOUND. GET IT HERE.
  • Levi's 501 Jeans. Levi's. SPONSORED.
  • Converse x Hudson Bay. Converse. $80.00.
  • Mifland Leather Backpack. Mifland. GET IT HERE.


  1. Nice Post! Which 501s are those?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Also, did you taper them because they look slim for 501s?

  2. Love that jacket bro. I just ordered it.

    Geezy //

  3. Denny, you are always killing it, love your work. You are such an inspiration to me. Cheers

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  5. Really liking this style, its crazy the backpack is the most expensive in this outfit. Blessings! (^_^)/

  6. Beautiful Looks and Designs..... Fabulous Work.... Thanks for sharing this Incredible post with us. I Like this Post...

    Leather Briefcase

  7. There is a certain appeal to knowing who you are and finding a way to express that in a unique way and with confidence. Although all the pieces are basic pieces the styling of it makes it unique and says "I know who I am and I love being me". The styling is edgy. Subtle yet undeniable.

    Gwyneth Bobbitt @ Zuvaa

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