Denny x Marcella Custom.

Shot by Naj Wareham.
( @najwareham )

with Steven Onoja.

Fellow blogger Steven and I hooked up with Marcella Custom to present several styles featuring 3 custom shirts and suits which were made for us. Here we feature a classic suit, a street wear adaptation and a festive ensemble. If you are looking for affordable, yet impeccable custom suits then Marcella is for you. Also, special thanks to Bedford & Broome for providing us with ties and pocket squares. 

28 Grand St.


Marcella is a vertically integrated custom apparel retailer, the largest in Singapore. Marcella is big on technology, and believe it is the best way to deliver custom clothing at mass manufacturing prices. They developed proprietary algorithms and CAD systems and have eliminated the human input (and inconsistency) in drafting shirts, setting themselves apart from your everyday tailor.
Marcella operates in 2 factories, one in Singapore and another in Guangzhou, China. With a simple sizing procedure, and algorithms to keep wrong inputs in check, the obvious next step is to offer their product globally through an online franchise.
Marcella believes that everyone deserves great fitting shirts that go easy on the wallet. After all, aren't you a unique individual who needs something much better than a standard 16.5/34 off-the-rack shirt.
At Marcella, they like to keep things simple and hassle free. Instead of sitting you down, fussing over you and then overcharging, they let you help yourself and bring you a quality product at a fraction of their competitors' prices. Whoever said good things do not come cheap?




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  2. you two guys in a duo is just the BOMB!! saw the preview on IG, i was all hyped !! very nice job
    the photography is on point as always ..very slick and sophisticated modern attire

    New look on Le Blog :' Square It Up '
    Greets Jon

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