Virile Barbershop Grooming Products.



We believe in providing gentlemen with simple, craft-made shave and care products. Started at the acclaimed Virile Barber & Shop - Virile Heart + Heritage is at it's core an genuine effort to have products that rise to the historical and cultural expectations of the tonsorial arts and traditions from which our founder, Adam Reyes is born - it is in that heritage that you will find our heart - hence our namesake. We strive to focus on what your skin and hair needs to be as healthy and manageable as possible - our products harken to a time of function and form over the mask of marketing.

I had the great pleasure to be one of the first people to try out Virile grooming products. Being one of their ambassadors, I decided to take it upon myself and do an actual shoot inside their Waldwick location. Adam was kind enough to let Andy and I do our thing. I also got a complimentary haircut that you will see in an upcoming video that Andy is currently making! 

After the haircut, I was inspired by Johnny Depp's hairstyle in Public Enemies so we decided to go ahead and use the Glass Pomade to give it that classic sleek look that the 1920s was known for. Along with the Glass Pomade, there are also the Brick and Cream Pomade for your hair and a shave formula and face balm for the face.  


It was definitely an eventful day and I would to thank the man himself, Adam Ramos and his best friend, Aiden for accompanying us. Enjoy!


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