Shot by Andy Melendez.


Upton has been around since the Bronze Age, as an idea, but fully formed in 2015. Intelligent men decided in a dimly-lit, smoke-filled back room that, for too long, men have been wrapping inferior tools around their waists. A gavel pounded a walnut table and a plan was set in motion. American leather, Italian tanning, Texan hands. Upton.

Upton was created with a purpose. To establish an understanding that belts are belts and not accessories. We set a goal to reinvent a category that is rarely appreciated and deserves to stand on its own. 

We have taken the time to source the finest materials and created a product that embodies quality in every sense of the word. We believe in a personalized experience that focuses on attention to detail and service, not mass production. Our belts are handmade in Texas from leather raised on American ranches and tanned in Italy. Each belt is individually numbered and custom-sized. 

" Some say perfection is subjective. We respectfully disagree. "


  1. amazing scenery!!! loving the vibe. And that belt looks nice

    EPIC post! ;-)
    New Look on

    Greets Jon

  2. Dear Admin,
    I browse your website, its very impressive, I love it.
    Belts are not just used as a means to keep those pants and skirts secure around your waist but as fashion accessories as well.
    Best Regards


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