#dennyvisits Washington, DC with Thread Etiquette Watches.

All Pictures Shot By Me.
film shots by 
Shawn Jordan. HERE.



Last weekend, I decided to bring my latest #dennyvisits to Washington, DC. I gathered my traveling partner in crime, Shawn Jordan along with DC native, Alan and my best friend/videographer, Anthony, for this trip. From Jersey City to The District, the trip was 3 1/2 hours. Strapped with my latest TE watches, I knew I had a sleek and classic watch to look at anxiously every hour during our road trip. Knowing I would have to shoot and create content the whole Saturday, we decided to leave Friday evening. We arrived at our destination and stayed at this beautiful apartment just a few blocks away from the infamous H street. 

The following day, after checking out what the time was on my watch, I decided to wake everyone up around 9:30 AM and start our day early. On this day, I decided to go with my white nylon strap and stainless rose gold case. I especially love thread etiquette watches because of its 43 mm face size. Having a small wrist, the size of the face is perfect. I gave Shawn the black leather strap watch for a different perspective. 

One of the most beautiful thing about DC city is probably how the houses were structured. With its gothic architecture mixed with vibrant colors, it looks like I was walking around a vintage city. There wasn't a rare moment where my head wasn't raised high and looking around in awe. A beautiful city. Period.

Our friend told us about this coffee shop/shop that we needed to have breakfast at. You cant come to The District without visiting this popular staple spot. Maketto is a place that looks like home. It had a very NY vibe that made me feel comfortable right away. We decided to grab a lattes and toasted to start our day! I highly suggest you guys visit the spot if ever you're at H street in DC. 


Before visiting our main destination at Capitol Hill, we decided to visit a vintage store to scope out their scene. Looking at my watch, I noticed we only had limited time so we only ended up checking Meeps Vintage. A cute, quirky store located on the NW part of Washington. I was automatically drawn at their collection of classic sportswear. After checking out every nook and crannies of the shop, it was time for us to have food again. And this time, it's the real deal.


This part was a highlight of this trip. Visiting the Wharf and having seafood by the docks is something anyone visiting DC need to consider. Buying raw crabs and shrimp at Seafood City then having it cooked to your liking is quite delightful. Eating and cracking shells with your buddies in DC by the water is an unforgettable moment that you'd love to treasure. 


Finally, you can't visit DC without having to step foot at Capitol Hill. It's a tourist spot but if you've ever wanted to see the White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln memorial then you'll realize how surreal it is. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite films and the moment was definitely a check off my list. 

Overall, the trip was wonderful for such a short time. I've accomplished a lot in one day but would definitely love to explore and learn more about DC's culture. A very special thanks to Thread Etiquette watches for sponsoring this post and giving us the freedom to showcase their watches in a different way. What's better than seeing someone putting in time and work with not only his watch but also his craft.



  1. Hi Denny, i have much respect for your sense of fashion. I have a catalog of tumblr of pictures of you on my phone. I'm your number one fan and please let Steven Onoja know Africa is proud of him. Thank you. Am Desmond from Ghana

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