Tissot Watches x NBA x Macy's.

It’s 1995 and the Chicago Bulls are on top of the world. I am 8 years old and my entire life seems to revolve around the every moves of Jordan, Pippen, Rodman… I feel as though the team is playing every game for me and only me. I experience their wins, I suffer their losses. I am invested in a team that is helping to shape my identity. THIS is my time. Cut to 2016, and I’ve still got red, white and black on my mind. And so, when I learned that Tissot Watches recently became the Official TimeKeeper for the NBA and that in launching their campaign they wanted to partner in a feature to showcase a Bulls inspired watch, I believed I could fly! And I jumped at the chance to create this story.

I wanted to take this Tissot watch on an outfit journey that loosely mirrored the journey of a great team. 

The Tissot watch is available at Macy's now and if you're not a Bulls fan (SHAME!) then you're free to check out what Tissot has to offer for your team of choice! 


The first story is an example of casual sportswear. It showcases that the watch can be laid back on the court, at the gym, running circles or running errands. It’s effortless but durable enough to withstand the speed of your day. It doesn’t look out of place in a recreational setting but has the sophistication to carry you off the court as well.

My second look tells the story of classic dapper man excelling at his business or indulging afterhours. I used the backdrop of a billiard’s lounge to show that the watch is versatile enough to make a statement in a high stakes setting but also, impress outside of the office or at “the good ol’ boys club.” When we think about the classic athlete/mogul, we recognize that his performance outside of the court is in many ways just as important to his business and brand. I love how the watch holds up in laid back after hours vibe, remaining casual but also confident.

The third look really demonstrates the luxury of streetwear. This looks confirms the greatest reward for hard work: relaxation. The watch is perfect for a day spent straight chilling. It's cool, it's effortless but it's personality is still paramount.

I hope you enjoyed enjoying this story through my eyes. 


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