Coca-Cola Freestyle Experience.

Freestyled Light.

There are a few things I can't shake; my love of movies and ice-cold sweet beverages are a few. The chance to spend a day that ends in the two: priceless. I jumped at the opportunity to team up with Coca Cola and explore their new Coca Cola Freestyle Machine during a day at the theater. In case you haven’t run into one of these guys yet, the Coca-Cola Freestyle (CCFS) is a touchscreen soda fountain that features over 100+ drink choices, with exclusive beverages you can’t get anywhere else. Of the 100+ choices the machine has to offer, 70+ of them are low or no calorie drinks. (A great option year round and especially after the post-Holiday bloat.) What I really appreciate about CCFS is that aside from the never-ending drink options, Coke has really worked to bring you a beverage experience. 130 years into the brand’s lifespan and they are still looking to evolve, stay current, create a closer relationship with their customers and literally, mix it up. For this partnership, I decided to freestyle on one of my favorite looks and showcase a sweeter side to life. Coke Zero is my new favorite and so I took inspiration from the bottle’s black and red motif to inform my look.

Dressed in a signature black motorcycle jacket, black jeans, red tie and beanie, I wanted to riff on a classic Americana look with a bit of a New York attitude. I felt that the color scheme literally embodied Coke Zero while the attitude of the outfit mirrored the spirit of the ever evolving drink. I headed to the AMC Loews 84th Street 6 a bit early and had a lot of fun fooling around with the CCFS machine before landing on my beverage of choice. 

The machine is incredibly interactive and allows for some fun and creativity in what could otherwise be the mundane task of choosing a drink. I like to think that the acting of getting dressed in the morning is as improvisational as mixing up one of these unique beverages. I start with a look of piece I am comfortable with and then expand upon it, by adding or subtracting from other pieces in my arsenal. In this way, the art of dressing up is sort of like a closet version of the Freestyle Machine. I hope you enjoy viewing this look and the CCFS experience. 

Check for a list of locations near you.


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