#dennyvisits Miami with Lacoste.


Feeling like Will Smith singing "Miami!" Late March, Lacoste invited myself and several other influencers (shoutout to my boys Mustafa of Astute Attire and George of Gents Lounge) to the Miami Open. After 3 days of activities, socializing and delicious meals, I was loving my time spent and wishing it was longer. By far my favorite experience was getting tennis lessons from none other than the legendary and former #1 in the world, Mats Wilander. What a dope guy! He's a real athlete and a genuine and patient teacher who made me feel like a pro even though I was terrible! But hey, at least I looked the part decked out in Lacoste! My wardrobe for the weekend was also a favorite-- I loved being able to diversify my wardrobe with their collection. Mixing the traditional Lacoste looks with my own style was a nice way to add my spin to this legacy brand. Enjoy these photos and relive the weekend with me.


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