Look Rich, Shop Cheap w/ Crossroads Trading.

A dream has come true...

I am now one of Crossroads Trading Style Council. Check it here

Many of you may remember that the origin of my blog was centered around documenting the personal style I cultivated through thrifting. Those early days of "Look Rich, Shop Cheap" focused on the belief that personal style was worth more than a label or brand name and that luxe looking fashion could be achieved on a budget. Even though I've evolved, thrifting is still a passion and love of mine. For this reason, I am psyched to have teamed up with Crossroads Trading Company to continue to show you my love of buy, sell, trade and promote thrifting as a lifestyle. Stayed tuned as I will be showcasing looks that I've created from shopping the unique finds at Crossroads Trading. Included in these posts will be style guides and also outfit breakdowns to show you the value of the items I've purchased. I'd like to say that creating stylist outfits on a budget was a real challenge but at Crossroads, it's pretty easy due to their incredible selection and commitment to fair pricing. There's more to come from this collaboration and in the meantime, check out your local Crossroads Trading Company and hunt for great finds on your own!

Here is my breakdown of all the amazing pieces I got! A total of only a whopping $175.50 for 8 pieces! I got 2 full outfits and even an outfit for my wife.


  • Theory Short Sleeve Navy Blue Cardigan. $42.50.
  • Alexander Wang Beige T-Shirt. $18.50.
  • Forever 21 Pin Striped Drop Crotch Pants. $13.50.
  • Puma Teal Sneakers. $18.75.

Additional Pieces:
  • Rag and Bone Black Denim Jeans. $30.00.
  • Yeezy Taught Me T- Shirt. $18.50.
  • Club Monaco Teal Button Down. $11.25.
  • Topman Design High Waisted Pants. $22.50.


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