NYFWM with Joseph Abboud.

My Custom Suit.

Over the summer, I was super fortunate to have the experience of working with Joseph Abboud up close and personal. My fellow bloggers and I flew to the JA factory in New Bedford and each collaborated with the team to create custom suits. (Read more about that trip here) For this 2017 NYFWM F/W season, I was thrilled to again be contacted by the JA team to work with Mr.Abboud on  creating yet another 3 piece suit. As a lifelong fan of Mr. Abboud and his work, being recognized by him once more was a proud and humbling moment. I don’t mention this to gloat but merely to say that working with your idols isn’t an impossible dream especially if you work hard and stay grounded. Ok, back to the point--My last suit was truly one of a kind and completely out of the box, so this time around, I wanted to work on something more classic. Sticking to my love for vintage aesthetics, I decided to go with a beige corduroy suit for a throwback vibe decided on modern tailoring and pants with a 3 inch cuff and loose fit. Unsurprisingly, the final product was incredibly dope! I am continually blown away by how Mr. Abboud and his team help to execute my vision but also work with me to collaborate on a piece that feels true to me but is improved upon by their expertise. The details are so on point for this 3 piece and everything from the peak lapel to the perfectly structured jacket perfectly fit me in both mind and body.

The Presentation.

I've attended Joseph Abboud shows for 3 seasons now and I must say, every season, he manages to top himself. The show this time around was inside a church. Meeting Joseph in person, I already understood the vibe he was going for. Needless to say, he's a classic man. As soon as you walk in, the whole place is dark with a huge spotlight in the middle. It's eerie and captivating at the same time. The boys and I decided to do a little photoshoot before the show. You can't pass up an opportunity to create great content. The place started to pack up and we got to our assigned seats. I must add, the 88 team are amazing people! They really made us feel part of the show! It was endearing. Now let the show begin!

I'm a huge fan of earth tones, layering, hats and accessorizing. All those were presented in the most beautiful way. If you've seen my style through the years, you can see that I truly mimic this styling. It's a great mixture of sophisticated elegance and rugged bad assery. I truly love that you can wear these looks on a regular basis too. Most runway looks are hard to pull off in person but these looks are perfect. As I mentioned earlier, I dig the execution of layering. I think mastering the art of layering is a game changer. A stylish individual that can do this has unlocked the greatest achievement of all. I noticed one of the biggest trends this season and has made a slow but exceptional comeback is corduroy. And Mr.Abboud did a great job presenting that along with a collection of your classic wool and suede looks as well. Overall, it was another beautifully and imaginative show by Mr.Abboud complete with a live soundtrack that I truly enjoyed. The show, like his collection, was executed into perfection.

This post is sponsored by Joseph Abboud.

All Photos shot by James Creel and Bobby Hicks.


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