Phoenix Rising. 90s Re-Visited.

Oversized Sports Jacket.
Light Washed Denim Jeans.
Round Framed Glasses.
White Socks and Doc's.

THE 90s is here. AGAIN.


  • Vintage Frame Glasses. Chinatown. I legit bought 4 of them. $5.00.
  • Vintage Belt from the Salvation Army. $3.00.
  • 1980s size 38 Pin Striped Jacket. A little oversized for more of the boxy look. $55.00.
  • The Smiths Tee. Amoeba Music. I got this shirt in LA. A favorite record. $12.00.
  • Lacoste Live Light Washed Denim. $85.00.
  • Dr.Marten's Low. This is the FOREVER pair. You send it back, they fix it and voila! $125.00.
TOTAL = $255.00.


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