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What’s your story?

My name is Denny Balmaceda. I am 29 years old and from Jersey City, NJ. I’ve been a menswear blogger since 2008. I graduated high school back in 2006 and decided not to attend college; my older sisters found me a job as a travel agent of all things! I was often so bored at work that I decided to make a visual diary out of my daily outfits. Mind you, this was almost 10 years ago and everything I was doing seemed odd to everyone. People thought I was vain or weird, but I realized more and more people were into what I was doing and that’s how I gained my following. Everything was very organic and, to this day, I love telling the story of how I started. It inspires me to keep moving and reminds me that I actually have a shot to achieve all my life goals. I grew up, my style matured and my life changed for the best. It’s not every day you can say that you actually pursued your dreams and obtained your dream job.

What is your interpretation of #JustRefinedEnough? What does it mean to you?

As a man who’s very into menswear, I think #JustRefinedEnough is the perfect description of myself. I’ve studied everything about menswear. I worked at a vintage store for 3 years and I just absorbed everything. To me, a true fashionable gentleman pays attention to details. From getting your clothes tailored to your size, to getting your shoes shined occasionally, every detail should matter. And not just with clothes, but in your overall work ethic. Whenever I have a project coming up, I like to scout locations, hire the perfect photographer and pick out the outfits ahead of time. Everything about me comes as a package, I like to present myself as a professional. That’s what #JustRefinedEnough means to me.

In your world, who do you think is #JustRefinedEnough and why?

In my world, the person who was #JustRefinedEnough was my late mother. She was naturally elegant. She could be at home on a regular day and still be flawless. She had the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen, she was a living porcelain doll. I miss her now while typing this. I can still see her in my head getting ready every morning, she was perfect to me in every way. To me, my mother is the perfect definition of refined.

Photos by @amygramsp
Model @litaflita


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