Something old, something new. Native New Yorker Denny Balmaceda is a menswear stylist with a twist: he’s obsessed with blending rare and unique vintage pieces with contemporary fashion. By taking one-off items from seasons past and remixing them with what’s currently in vogue, Denny has created a distinct style - one part eclectic, one part classic and somehow, entirely modern.
Intrigued, we quizzed the fashion enthusiast on how he incorporates vintage and thrift store finds into his ever-growing wardrobe of fresh fits.

What was your first experience of vintage shopping?
I believe that it was during my senior year of high school back in 2006. Prior to that, I would shop at my local Salvation Army or The Goodwill. In 2006 I discovered a vintage shop in Jersey City called Another Man’s Treasure - it was love at first sight. I couldn’t really afford anything just yet but even visiting was satisfying enough. 6 years later, I ended up working there!

What is the latest vintage item you picked up?
I buy vintage almost three to four times a week! My latest purchase is a 1950s bowling shirt. I’ve been collecting them for 2 years now and it’s really hard to pass up on one if you find one.

Why should everyone have a mix of new and vintage pieces?
With vintage, I love the idea of having something no one else has. I also love staying on-trend so mixing both certainly provides both those elements.

Who do you like to go vintage shopping with?
I love vintage shopping with my friends; it’s so much fun to go hunting for rare pieces and seeing what you find in your sizes. I also like introducing my friends to the idea of vintage shopping. I love seeing their minds blown when they see vintage pieces that inspired current trends, that helps get them on board.

If you could only shop three brands (new and vintage) for the rest of your life, what brands would you choose?
Oh that’s easy! I love timeless brands that will be cool past, present and future. My top three are Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Adidas.

How do you feel about the logomania wave that sees the return of vintage styles?
I like it! I feel like vintage styles will always be around. Almost every brand is inspired by something old by making it new again! A cycle that keeps on giving.

Where is your favourite city/destination to vintage shop?
Jersey City and Williamsburg. There are some hidden gems in Manhattan too. I have one spot where I go to that’s strictly 70s pieces - my favourite decade!

What’s your favourite vintage piece that you’ve ever picked up?
Aw man, I have tons!! I’d say this 1950s University Jacket that could be a Gucci sports jacket. I also love my 80s Chanel bomber jacket. It’s an iconic jacket and easily recognizable. Finally, my collection of vintage Stetson hats. Vintage hats are my favourites to hunt next to boots.

Finally, what’s a top-tip to keep in mind when vintage shopping?
I always say to just have fun! It’s really relaxing and super fun to hunt for things that no one else would have. I’m also extremely impulsive as I know the item could be gone at any second. But all in all, just have fun!

This article was originally published on Farfetch. READ HERE.


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